AI helps you to move forward

Every single day at work, we are at a war against a flood of real world data. In a world of AI, can we find a better way of doing things? Let's dig in.

Messaging platform friendly

Through integration work of so many AI products on messaging platforms, we bring users one step away only to world-class AI services. We believe AI is something users use, not something users learn.

Ecosystem + nerds

We bring two things to you - AI as a service, and a dedicated team of nerds who can bring transparency to some of the most important issues on the planet.

Your data, open AI

Put thousands of AI to work on your data. Take the smartest way to grow intelligence at work, bring impact, and scale.

AI Marketplace

You can search the AI product you want, at marketplace. Marketplace is full of free and commercial AI products you can try and use as you go. Building process through multiple products leads to digital automation.

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Custom AI

Technologies are great when it solves your business problem. We offer use cases in financial industry, media and public sector, to get you inspired and help improving your own issue.

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Offshore Development

Our offshore development team can provide broader support in IT, not only limited to AI.

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Work integration, via AI hub

Find reusable AI services that will drive internal innovation and efficiency. Automate your processes and gain intelligence through AI services, free or paid.

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Become a member of Show&Tell AI hub community, to get the latest information on how your neighbor is using AI now.

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